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§  Selected for News & Views in Nature Materials.
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(Supplementary materials)
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(Supplementary materials)
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(Supplementary materials)
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§ Highlighted on the Phys.Org.
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(Supplementary materials)
§ Selected for Research Highlights in Nature Photonics.
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(Supplementary materials)
Related videos: (1, 2, 3)
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(Supplementary Materials and Movie showing time evolution of 2D plasmons launched by swift electrons)
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(Supplementary materials)
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(Supplementary materials)
§ Selected for Research Highlights in Nature Physics.
L. J. Wong†, I. Kaminer†, O. Ilic, J. D. Joannopoulos, and M. Soljačić, Towards Graphene Plasmon-Based Free-Electron IR to X-ray Sources, Nature Photonics 10, 46 (2016).
(Supplementary materials)
§ Featured on the MIT front page, and was also selected for News & Views in Nature Photonics.
§ Featured on A*STAR Research Highlight.
I. Kaminer, J. Nemirovsky, M. Rechtsman, R. Bekenstein and M. Segev, Self-accelerating Dirac particles and prolonging the lifetime of relativistic fermions, Nature Physics 11, 261(2015).
(Supplementary materials)
§ Published as the journal cover of Nature Physics. It was also selected for News & Views in Nature Physics, and received commentary in several magazines.